Biobank personnel – necessary element for its proper operation

Autorzy publikacji z podkreśleniem autorów z projektu Chróścicka A., Paluch A., Kalaszczyńska I., Szabłowska-Gadomska I.
Nazwa czasopisma ATLA-Alternatives to Laboratory Animals
Rok publikacji 2022 (przyjęte do druku)
IF czasopisma w czasie publikacji pracy 1.303
Punkty MNiSW w czasie publikacji pracy 40
Streszczenie w j. angielskim lub krótki opis pracy Biobank resources are of increasing interest to specialists in various fields. Management of biobanks becomes a challenge. When establishing/a biobank many factors should be considered. Responsibly managed biobanks require appropriate housing conditions, equipment, financial support, and highly specialized and qualified personnel.
The number and qualifications of the necessary personnel depend both on the biobank’s size and type. A large and diversified in terms of material biobank should be organized differently than a small biorepository. The core of the biobank should be composed of highly trained operating personnel that closely cooperate with the general and quality control manager. Due to the large amount of data related to the samples, an IT specialist might be needed. In the case of large population biobanks, personnel responsible for the recruitment of patients, documentation handling collection of samples, and their distribution to biobank could be necessary. Important is also personnel responsible for infrastructure as they are the first responder to failures that may be critical for the biobank functioning.
Depending on the type and size of the biobank/biorepository some functions can be combined, Nevertheless, highly trained personnel with clear and precisely defined duties are the keys to the proper functioning of a biobank. 
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