Anonimizacja w dobie wielkich danych –sytuacja biobanków w kontekście RODO

Autorzy publikacji z podkreśleniem autorów z projektu (jeśli są) Marciniak B., Topolski P., Strapagiel D.
Nazwa czasopisma Studia Iuridica
Rok publikacji 2018
IF czasopisma w czasie publikacji pracy
Punkty MNiSW w czasie publikacji pracy 8
Streszczenie w j. angielskim lub krótki opis pracy Technological development increased abilities of data analysis collecting gathering and obtaining from wide range of sources including national health registries. Aim of, entering into force on May 2018, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is to regulate analysis of wide range of personal data from profiling to healthy issues. New regulations may hamper the implementation of research, or realization of projects under Horizon 2020 or Digital Poland, that based on data sharing. In order not to waste the opportunities and benefits for humanity that modern technology and „open data” can bring, appropriate measures must be taken to protect the privacy of individuals. But then there is next trap. The more data is protected in the context of privacy protection, the less useful they are for scientific purposes. The key point is to find right balance between security and usability


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DOI 10.5604/01.3001.0012.1365
Michał Osiński

Autor:Michał Osiński

Senior Specialist