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Aspekty społeczne związane z biobankowaniem
Szanowni Państwo, 
W czasopiśmie International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (IF=2.468) ukazał się artykuł przeglądowy przygotowany przez zespół zadania 6 (ELSI): "Public Attitudes toward Biobanking of Human Biological Material for Research Purposes: A Literature Review". Artykuł dotyczy różnych aspektów społecznych związanych z biobankowaniem ludzkiego materiału biologicznego dla celów badań naukowych i powstał w oparciu o obszerny przegląd literatury opublikowanej w latach 2000-2019.
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Jan Domaradzki1, Jakub Pawlikowski 2,3
Laboratory of Health Sociology and Social Pathology, Karol Marcinkowski University of Medical Sciences, 60-806 Poznań, Poland
Independent Laboratory of Sociology of Medicine, Medical University of Lublin, 20-059 Lublin, Poland
Biobanking and Biomolecular Resources Research Infrastructure Poland, BBMRI.pl Consortium, 54-066 Wrocław, Poland


During the past few decades there has been a growing interest on the part of many governments in the creation of biobanks. Nevertheless, this would be impossible without participation of many donors who offer samples of their biological material for scientific research. Therefore, the aim of this paper is to provide an overview of the existing research on social attitudes towards biobanking. Material and Methods: A literature search was conducted in the database of MEDLINE (PubMed). 61 papers were included in the analysis. The retrieved articles were assessed using a thematic analysis. Results: Eight main themes were identified: (1) public knowledge about biobanks, (2) public views on biobanking, (3) willingness to donate, (4) donors’ motivations, (5) perceived benefits and risks of biobanking, (6) preferred type of consent, (7) trust toward biobanks, and (8) demographic characteristics of potential donors. Conclusions: Although the public lacks knowledge about biobanking, many individuals declare willingness to donate. Their will is influenced by: their knowledge about biobanking, the type of donated tissue, research purpose, concerns over the safety of the data, preferred type of consent, and trust towards biobanks.